Website User Experience: Is it the New Customer Service?

The pandemic just made the business playing field even more challenging. But it also opened fortunate circumstances. If your company made it through 2020, congratulations are in order. It also means that you must amplify your efforts to make the most out of opportunities offered by the COVID-19 crisis.

One of the said opportunities is having fewer competitors than a healthy economy. Of course, you want to take advantage of this, but the question is how.

Digital marketing would come in handy during this time. Think of it as your 24-hour salesperson. If you want to know more about this marketing strategy, pay close attention to this article.

What Is Website User Experience?

Digital marketing is not merely spamming your targeted audience with your advertisements. Doing this will lessen the impact of your message. Smart selling involves website user experience (UX).

Website user experience is what a person feels after visiting your website. Were they able to find the item that they were looking for? Do they think that you helped them out during their shopping? Or did they leave your website quickly because it was chaotic?

You surely do not want them to leave your website feeling overwhelmed. It is why you need to establish a quality user experience. Doing this will ensure that your website meets your customers’ expectations. In other words, you want them to find value with the time they spend on your website.

You might be asking how you can determine if consumers had a meaningful and quality user experience. Here is a quick checklist:

1.) Is your content relevant? Is it useful to your consumer?

2.) Does your website make it easy for visitors to access what they need?

3.) Is your website appealing? Does your website consistently (and tastefully) project your brand?

4.) Is it simple to navigate? Can visitors easily find what they are looking for?

5.) Can people with disability access your website with ease?

6.) Does your website instill trust in your brand?

You can achieve all of these through strategic web design. But take note that each component is significant on its own.

How to Create a Positive User Experience

A carefully crafted digital marketing plan would be useless if your website is not responsive. It should work flawlessly on both mobile and desktop so you might want to remove unnecessary elements. They might just make your website lag.

It would be best if you will actively participate during the web design phase. Being there will ensure that your website has a consistent layout. Do not just focus on the fonts and colors. You must ensure that hyperlinks, buttons and social media icons are uniform.


Contrary to popular belief, digital marketing is not merely a fad. Although it will not completely replace traditional advertisement (yet), it will help any entrepreneur capture a wider audience. Your store is now open to both local and international markets.

If you want to learn more about how digital marketing can help your company, feel free to contact Spectra Digital Marketing. We are a Berwick marketing agency that is dedicated to helping you starting from the creation of your website to its launching, so call us now for more information!




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