Web Design Must-Haves to Get More Conversions

When you have a website, it isn’t simply a space to commemorate your business. It’s supposed to be your digital calling card and a means to get conversions. You want it to serve as the jump pad for visitors to eventually make a transaction that you profit from.

A big part of what makes it an effective tool for conversions is in your web design. So, here are some of the design must-haves your site should have to maximise lead generation and conversion.


The first on our list of website design must-haves is to ensure that it’s responsive. Consider how long it takes for visitors to complete any action. Do button presses and scrolls take a while for assets to load? Does the webpage scale quickly and properly to fit different screen sizes?

Users expect responsiveness with their websites and aren’t likely to stick around if your website takes too long to respond. A few seconds of wait time is already enough to make a potential customer bounce, so you need to prioritise this element.


The next on our list of website design must-haves is readability. If your pages look like eyesores riddled with confusing fonts and an overload of elements, you can’t really expect anyone to stick around. Even if it isn’t the messiest layout on earth, poor readability means you aren’t getting essential messages across.

Your font, colour scheme, and UI elements will play a large role in how your site is not only perceived but looked through. You also want to make sure your website uses content that is just concise and eye-catching enough to hook in potential leads. In the digital age, people aren’t taking time to read through a giant block of text.

Calls to Action

Your website design must also have strong calls to action. When your website visitors arrive, you need to make it clear what you want them to do.

Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean just slamming down sales pages and spamming users with pop-ups. You just want to integrate interactive calls to action in your content and design. This way, you are reminding visitors to make a transaction without coming off too pushy.

You can even include clickable CTAs that immediately take them over to a form, scheduling tool, or live chat.

Ease of Navigation

Another web design must is the ease of navigation. You want your site to be widely accessible and simple enough to explore. This way, your visitors don’t need to do a whole song dance just to get from point A to point B.

You want to ensure that no matter the page your visitor goes to or the asset they click on, they can easily get to the next one and find what they’re looking for. The easier it is to navigate a site, the more efficiently you can funnel users to conversion.

Mobile Optimisation

Lastly, keep in mind that your website design must be optimised for mobile. Navigation and usability is no longer just a desktop game. A large portion of web traffic comes from mobile devices these days, so you don’t want to miss out on that huge market just because your website doesn’t work right on mobile.


These are web design must-haves you need to make your site convert like a champion. Make sure that you integrate all of these elements into your site, and you’ll be on your way to increasing profitability.

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