5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2022

With all the disruption caused by the pandemic, even digital marketing trends have changed so much that marketers and businesses find it hard to keep up with everything. Then again, its change isn’t something new to marketers as they pretty much deal with them regularly. You just need to look at the current trends and what will become of them in the foreseeable future. Here are five marketing trends you should be aware of in the coming year.

The Rise of AI

While artificial intelligence (AI) has been making a lot of noise in recent years, it seems that 2022 would be another big year for this particular technology. Companies in various industries like retail, banking, and healthcare are already starting to use AI in their marketing efforts. From automation to data analytics, the applications of AI seem to just grow as time goes on. In 2022, it appears that AI combined with SEO and other digital marketing strategies will start to make waves as well.

Content Alignment Will Never be More Important

As a growing business, aligning your visibility, credibility, and authority is essential for you to thrive in a highly competitive market. This just means you need to have some source content on your website and other things you own, like social media accounts. Once you’ve built quite a solid customer base that believes in your authority over different topics in your niche, you can add more credibility to your brand. You can do this by adding the PR element where other sites, businesses, and influencers are already quoting you or using your content as source material. Of course, don’t forget the value of backlinking, which will still be beneficial for your website’s SEO performance.

Virtual Assistants are Taking Over

Along with AI technology, virtual assistants seem to be another strategy that you need to consider for the coming year. Looking at the estimated market value of voice search shopping, they’re projected to hit around $40 billion by 2022, while consumer spending via voice assistants are also expected to increase significantly. You’re probably utilising virtual assistants already, so you might want to look into expanding their role and functions in your organisation.

Self-Service Buying Experiences are Growing

Regardless of what industry you belong to, studies show that around 33% of buyers want a self-service solution when working with companies. It helps a lot to empower your audience by giving them the tools to contact you on their own timeline. This allows them to do a wide array of things like self-scheduling as well as tools that help your customers have options for a low-to-high investment.

Embrace Personalisation

In the coming year, customers will have more channels to consume marketing content. From videos, online articles, podcasts, streaming sites to games and other channels, the options are practically limitless. Your goal is to understand what channels most of your audiences use and establish your presence there. Then make sure you personalise your message to respective audience groups and come across in the most appealing way.


Digital marketing trends continue to evolve at a rapid rate as time goes on. If you want to establish your brand’s presence despite all the changes, you need to know how trends work and how they will change in the foreseeable future.

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