4 Reasons Why SEO Is Essential Amid COVID-19

As the COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the world, the business landscape isn’t spared. Many companies scramble to come up with new marketing strategies, and plenty have given up on search engine optimisation (SEO). Cutting SEO may help reduce costs, but the effects can be disastrous on the entire marketing campaign plan. 

Here are four reasons why SEO remains to an essential part of your digital marketing efforts amid COVID-19:

It keeps you connected with your audiences

Quarantine and isolation are now the reality for millions of people. In such trying and lonesome times, people cling to the omnipotent power of content. They spend most of their time on screens, scrolling for information and data to keep them occupied. The demand for high-quality content is more prevalent now than ever, so work on your online presence and let your audiences know that you’re fighting through the pandemic with them. 


As people search for more information than they used to, come up with compelling content that reassures and assuages. Post infographics on COVID-19, for instance, and create positive content to uplift spirits—show them that you care. So long as you keep producing content, your audience will say connected. 


It helps you reevaluate your current content strategies


All SEO strategies are founded on writing useful and relevant content. During the boom of the SEO industry, the common approach was to stuff keywords into articles with little regard for the actual content. Things soon shifted, and the norm now is to simply write for your audience. Who knows what the next month will bring? SEO will only continue to change and shift, and it’s up to you to adapt. 


As your business works through the pandemic, take a step back and reevaluate your strategies. Are you up to date with all the relevant SEO practices? Are you using the right keywords? Are your blog posts educational and informative enough? SEO is a straightforward digital marketing tool that enables you to see mistakes and shortcomings directly—use this to your advantage. 


It is the most cost-effective choice


Optimising search results through SEO strategies remains to be the most cost-effective marketing tool. Unless you’re working with an SEO agency, there’s no cost involved at all. And even if you choose to outsource such services, SEO remains to be affordable in comparison to hosting events, running paid ads, and working with influencers.


It is a continuous process that ensures growth


The use of SEO is a continuous process—results only begin to show after some time. If you fail to properly nurture it, it will stop working. Remember: It’s an investment dedicated to long-term growth. Earning a top spot in Google, for instance, is never guaranteed to last long, but you can always get it back through content creation and updates. 


This is perhaps the most compelling reason why SEO is necessary during the COVID-19—brands that have worked tremendously on improving their rankings months ago are repeating the benefits of high-traffic, with little to no extra effort today. SEO campaigns cannot be paused and resumed three months after—you’ll lose everything you’ve achieved so far.


The Takeaway


When the world reverts to the norm and you’ve abandoned your SEO efforts, you will need to begin from scratch. As you enjoy this downtime, exert additional effort and prioritise your SEO campaigns. If you have an SEO provider, work with them tirelessly—finding a new one after all of this over may prove to be difficult. The recovery period will put a strain on the entire business landscape but if you work now, you’ll be reaping the benefits later.

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