3 Major Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

Statistics show that 69 per cent of consumers use their mobile devices to research products and services before they purchase. In addition, 40 per cent of the total number of online transactions are done through these gadgets.





Given this data, it’s not that difficult to see why companies such as Google now give more attention and importance to elevating user experience in mobile devices. And to support this cause, you can even run a quick test in its search engine to check whether your website is indeed mobile-friendly or not.





Despite all this buzz, though, business owners remain doubtful about the use of mobile-friendly websites. And if you’re one of these people who are hesitant to adapt to this kind of change, here are three indisputable reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website right now.





1. It Gives Online Users Access to Your Website Anytime and Anywhere





Admittedly, people still use desktops and laptops for work and personal reasons, so it’s still important to keep these devices in mind when creating your website. However, there’s no denying that most online users currently rely on mobile devices more than other gadgets when it comes to browsing through the web. Hence, it’s critical to take this fact into consideration as well.





Note that most people have gotten used to easy and instant access to information, so many expect to find anything on their phones the way they can on their computers. And without a mobile-friendly website, it will become a lot harder for prospects to find and view your online pages, resulting in loss of potential profit and customers.





2. It Helps With Your Digital Marketing Initiatives and Efforts to Rank Higher





Many business owners are unaware that Google prioritises mobile-friendly websites over those that aren’t when it comes to mobile SERP ranking. Yes, you’ve read that right. Back in 2015, developers changed the algorithm for mobile search results to favour those companies that actually made an effort to optimise their websites for mobile searches. Thus, your content is unlikely to land a spot when an online user inquires using their mobile devices if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website.





Furthermore, optimising your website for mobile searches help boost sales and conversions due to accessibility. Users can engage and interact with your brand on multiple platforms and devices, improving your authority and credibility as an online figure with a mobile-friendly feature.





3. It Elevates User Experience Enticing Users to Stay on Your Website





Research shows that almost half of online users admitted to switching to a competitor after an awful mobile experience with a particular brand. If you don’t optimise your website to be mobile-friendly, users can encounter several problems loading and navigating your pages. And as a result, they’d leave your site and take their business to your competitor, which offers similar products or services.





With that said, it’s essential to note that more customers log on from various devices for online research and transactions. So to be able to meet the demands of your market, it’s vital to tweak your website to make it accessible at any point, from any device.










Given all this information, it’s pretty clear that responsive features in the field of web design and development aren’t at all for simply enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your website. As shown in the list above, there are merits to optimising your pages to be mobile-friendly. Thus, it’s only fitting that you give investing in such an ample amount of consideration.





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