Why Website Design Is Vital in Making Good Impressions

According to statistics, people will have a solid impression of a particular person or object within the first seven seconds of an encounter. And correspondingly, research suggests that a mere tenth of a second is all it takes for an individual to start determining traits like trustworthiness and reliability. Thus, if you want to create a good lasting impression on potential customers, it’s vital to have a well-designed website with a clear message from the get-go.

This is where website design comes in. As a discipline that focuses on creating and maintaining business websites, it is integral in stimulating a positive impression through aesthetic techniques and elements. Hence, it only fits that companies and businesses emphasise such schemes when it comes to creating a website.

And if this isn’t enough to convince you of the importance of superb website design in attracting more customers, then below are plenty more reasons to back this claim.

1. Consumer Perception

It might seem superficial to base everything on looks. However, studies show that design does have a tremendous impact on how consumers perceive businesses. It also plays a fundamental role in setting consumer expectations, so it’s important to focus on the aesthetic appeal of your website.

Let’s take luxury hotels as an example. Walking in a hotel with a monumental architectural design often gives an impression of excellence and quality. Thus, consumers will anticipate experiencing luxury on a grand scale—nothing less. The same applies to your website, as it serves as your online calling card. So if you want potential customers to trust your brand, you must make an effort to create a website that instils a sense of trustworthiness through strategic website design and development.

2. Brand Consistency

First impressions matter; that is true, indeed. And if the first impression is rather bad, then it would be hard to change an individual’s perception of your company. And unfortunately, even if the first encounter was pretty good, it takes at least five to seven impressions to start creating brand awareness.

This logic might seem a little unfair, but research shows that negative emotions are processed more thoroughly than positive ones. Thus, it’s equally important to practice consistency to achieve your goal of converting a potential customer just as much as you make an effort to create a striking first impression. That being so, it’s quite impossible to build brand consistency without incorporating website design principles, as it serves as a guide to follow.


Most business owners and marketers often look at website design as something dispensable. But with the information given above, it’s pretty clear that it has its benefits when it comes to attracting customers and driving more sales in a business. Always remember that your company website is the core of your digital marketing initiatives. And without a well-designed one, you’ll find it a lot more challenging to entice customers to put their trust in your company. Hence, you must acknowledge just how vital website design and development is in enhancing your digital presence.

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