What SEO Can Do for Your Business (Part 2)


In Part 1 of our series on the importance of SEO in building a robust brand, we talked about the benefits of establishing your presence online. Here, we take an even closer look at what search engine optimisation does for your company. Specifically, we look at how you can maintain the marketing work you have started using search engine optimisation services.

6. SEO makes you a choice for high-value shoppers


Repeat customers make up most of your business. You might also get it from a particular demographic. If you have built your online presence the way you should, they could have encountered your brand once or twice in the past. Keep yourself at the forefront of these valuable customers by maintaining a good position in the search engine results pages (SERPs).


Use SEO in your multimedia campaigns as well. Investing in video marketing can help boost your brand awareness strategies—people associate visual prompts with emotions. Ensure that visitors see your videos by incorporating keywords and doing other tasks that optimise your post.

7. It lets you gain a more significant market share


Increases in your online leads and your sales volume happens because of your search engine ranking. When you appear on the first page of SERPs for high-value keywords, you are more likely to earn clicks from users who are looking to purchase an item or a service.


The first search result is likely to earn a little over 30 per cent of traffic for the keyword. Local SEO in Melbourne or any other large city is competitive. For example, if you target the keyword “exterminator near me,” which has a search volume of 14,800 a month, you’d earn more than 4,400 visits a month. Though most of those clicks won’t become customers, that is still a considerable amount of traffic.

8. It influences your PPC campaigns


Though PPC is a paid strategy and SEO is organic, they complement each other. You reinforce your search engine presence when you have both kinds of plans in action. Your URL appears at the top of the search results through PPC, with your blog posts interspersed throughout the page.


Furthermore, you can apply SEO data to your paid campaigns. When a page has plenty of conversions, you can make it an element of your PPC strategy. You can even use that as a landing page, targeting a keyword with a low cost per click.

9. It makes advertising more affordable


Implementing local SEO can also help you save on marketing costs. Since you are targeting people who are within the area, you are making your business more visible to the people best positioned to make a purchase. Being more available locally means you get a more significant market share.


What’s more, a well-thought-out SEO strategy helps you eliminate unnecessary spending. Since targeting local keywords means you won’t be spraying and praying, you will only be spending on ads that have a return on your investment. When this happens, your business will register as more relevant in Google’s algorithm, which creates a positive feedback loop.




A commitment to SEO and digital marketing will help keep you at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Since you’re building on something you have established, you increase your value for old customers and attract new ones.


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