Top 5 Errors You Need to Stop Doing in Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best digital marketing strategies. However, it is only effective when you do it properly. When doing SEO, people tend to make some common mistakes. Ensure to avoid the errors we list below to make your SEO strategy more effective.

1. Not Enough Keyword Research

Some people may think just knowing what keywords are popular is enough. However, there is more to keyword research than that. You need to first see the volume of searches under that keyword to see if it is relevant. Aside from that, you also need to know if it is too popular of a keyword. Too much competition for one keyword can also make it hard to rank.

Make sure to have more than one keyword ready. You can also narrow it down by using more specific keywords to eliminate competition. Additionally, do keyword research on your competitors and see which keywords they dominate.

2. Using Incorrect Keywords

You may try to stuff as many keywords as you want in one article. Doing this will come off as sketchy and could get you ranking for the wrong keywords.

Make sure to know which keywords are most relevant to your product. Understand what kind of searches your target market does. By understanding what keywords are being used for your industry, you can utilise them.

3. Employing Black Hat Methods

Black hat methods are sketchy approaches to SEO that essentially manipulate search engine results. It uses deception techniques and messes with the algorithms to reach a target audience.

Some black hat methods are purchasing backlinks, structure data abuse, and keyword stuffing. While they may not be illegal, they are frowned upon. They may even lower your content quality and bring you down on rankings on search engines.

4. Failing to Keep Up With Changes

Search engines constantly change their algorithms and search patterns. This is done to ensure that businesses do not manipulate it and results are as authentic as they can get. Being unable to keep up with the changes that search engines constantly implement will make your content outdated.

As there are always developments, it is advisable to work with professionals. These professionals like Spectra Digital Marketing can help keep track of the latest SEO and other digital marketing trends.

5. Low-Quality Content

One of SEO and digital marketing tricks is to release content constantly. By having regularly scheduled content increases your site’s visibility and social media presence. Plus, the more relevant content you post, the better quality scores you get, according to Google.

However, that is where people fail, specifically. They tend to focus on the quantity of content that they can have rather than on the quality. Constantly releasing content that is not of high quality will be harmful to your website and its reputation. Your potential clients may also be turned away by lousy content and not be attracted to your website.


SEO can only work if the most common mistakes are avoided and appropriately executed. If the entire SEO marketing plan is done well, you will be getting more conversions and sales in no time. Just follow our tips listed above to avoid the most common mistakes you can make when engaging in SEO.

For the best results in your SEO strategy, you will need to work with a professional agency like Spectra Digital Marketing, an SEO agency in Berwick. We take your digital marketing game to new heights with SEO, web design, and more solutions. Contact us today for more information.

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