Marketing Your Business Properly With Influencers.


Before Spectra Digital Marketing was founded or even conceptualised, I was operating an E-commerce venture selling cycling apparel. 

One of the ways which I marketed my business was through a popular method of using influencers with relatively large followings to promote my products and prompt their followers to come to my site and make a purchase. 

However, there was always something difficult about marketing my products this way that made it a much larger risk than other channels such as paid social media advertising and SEO. 

There was no way to accurately measure success, especially when running campaigns with multiple influencers at the same time. 

When doing this you are basically flying blind with no idea where your marketing budget is going, and if you are investing it in the right places.

The method we have in this guide is something I wish I had discovered sooner when I ran my first business. 

After speaking to multiple people with their own E-commerce businesses who use influencers when marketing their business, they all have similar problems, they are unable to track their return on investment. 

I have put together this 3 step guide which will showcase how you can make sure you are not wasting your valuable marketing budget and help you make informed decisions when choosing which influencers to run a second campaign with.  

So once you have agreed to partner with any influencers, here is how you can identify the return on your investment. 

Step 1: Build a custom URL to give your influencer.

This is really simple to do, first, go to Google UTM Builder, you should be greeted with this page: 

All you need to do to create a custom URL is fill out the required fields and your URL will automatically generate at the bottom of the page. 

It is important to make sure the URL of your website is the full URL ( 

The Campaign Source is the where your influencer will be placing the link, so for our example, we will be using Instagram. 

The Campaign Medium is the location of the link that the influencer posts, this could be Instagram bio or Instagram story, this can be a great way to split test by creating a link for each. 

Finally, the campaign name should be the name of the influencer who will be using this URL, this will make it so much easier to determine who is bringing in the most results for your business. 

For our example, we are going to use Kim Kardashian as our ‘’Influencer’’. 

Our custom URL looks like this:

There is something wrong with it though right?

It looks really unappealing to click on. This is where our next free tool comes in.

Step 2: Shorten the link to make it more attractive to click on.

This is the easiest step, all you need to do is go to Bitly where you can simply enter your link and click Shorten and they will do it for you. 

Here is our shortened URL:

How much better does that look?

The final step of this guide will show you how you can use these custom links to track your influencer campaigns.

Step 3: Using your custom links to track results.

Once you have let the campaign run for a few days, you will be able to track the success of your efforts through Google analytics

First, open up your Google Analytics dashboard, and find the ‘’Source/Medium section under acquisition. 

In this section you will be able to see all the data from each different URL you have used, all you need to do is add the campaign function under the secondary dimension tab and you will have all the results in front of you. 

All you have to do now is determine which influencers gave you the best return on your investment.

This method to influencer marketing makes it so easy to get tangible results that you can use to determine where you should invest your marketing budget in the future.


Influencer marketing can be a bit of a minefield sometimes, with fake followers and buying likes becoming more and more common.

We hope this helps you when you are marketing your business in the future as it’s always important to make decisions that are backed by data. 

At Spectra Digital Marketing our philosophy is to provide value and education to make marketing your business easier.