How to Measure Your SEO Strategy: Important KPIs to Measure

Using an effective SEO strategy is essential for any digital marketing plan to work. However, a big part of the success can be attributed to knowing which aspects of your SEO strategy work and which ones don’t. Many digital marketers seem to look at SEO as something that is challenging to track. But the opposite is true. As long as you know which KPIs to measure, it will be easy to track the effectiveness of your strategy.

If you are new to SEO, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed by the task of maintaining your strategy. This blog post will help you know where to start and what specific KPIs to look into when tracking the success of your SEO tactics.

How to Measure Your SEO Strategy: Important KPIs to Measure

There are three vital KPIs that can help you track the progress of your SEO strategy. These three essential KPIs will help you gauge how effective your SEO tactics are in meeting keyword ranking, organic search performance, and generating organic leads and conversions. 

Keyword Ranking

This particular KPI measures how effectively your website can rank on Google for specific keywords. Doing keyword research will help you uncover which keywords work to help attract more traffic to your website. Improving your ranking for important keywords in your chosen industry is part of any SEO improvement strategy. It will serve as a gateway to meeting other objectives such as more traffic and increased sales.

How to Track Keyword Ranking: You can use Google Search Console to help you get an idea of which specific keywords are currently driving traffic to your website. Keeping a watchful eye on these rankings will help you gain insight into tweaking your keywords and attracting more website visitors in the process.

Organic Search Performance

Organic search performance can be measured by looking into the traffic that arrives on your website through a search engine result. Tracking this KPI is essential because it will tell you to learn which particular keywords are driving organic traffic to your website. Marketers can track this data using their CMS or Google Analytics or use a reporting tool to cross-reference the information with other data points.

Organic Leads and Conversions

While leads and conversions are not KPIs, they are convenient ways to learn about the intent of website visitors when they land on your website. Measuring conversions will give a marketer a good idea of visitors’ actions once they get on the website. Tracking conversions will help marketers and business owners know what to improve on in their marketing funnel to ensure a better rate of success in lead follow-up, conversions, and sales. 


There are many KPIs that can be tracked concerning SEO. The vast number of these KPIs is primarily what confuses marketers as to how to maintain an effective SEO strategy. The three KPIs mentioned above will be your best bet in your effort to create a formidable SEO strategy that will help your website skyrocket to the top of search results.

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