How SEO Audits Can Help Launch Your Business to New Heights

Search engine optimisation or SEO has allowed countless businesses to find their footing and attract potential clients and customers online. For this reason, SEO has become a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

As beneficial as SEO may be, many businesses under-utilise this tool. These brands do not realise that the work doesn’t stop with SEO deployment. An audit must also occur for SEO to function at its fullest potential.

What Is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit involves evaluating a website’s ranking, which an SEO expert typically performs. It is a necessary action for all businesses regardless of their size.

It’s worth noting that the primary reason for an SEO audit is the extended period that SEO campaigns operate. They run for quite a while, so you want your investment performing as optimally as possible.

What Does an SEO Audit Check For?

An SEO audit checks for anything that may affect your ranking on search engines, including the following factors below:

1. The Strengths and Weaknesses of a Website

An SEO audit identifies strong aspects of a website and evaluates how you can use them to your advantage. It also determines the weaknesses of a website and recommends how to fix them.

For example, an SEO audit may show that an author’s name is exceptionally long. If this is the case, you may want to exclude their name from the page title.

2. Website Performance

An SEO audit checks for website performance and analyses how your site performs. This step becomes necessary if you notice that your website is slow to respond. An audit is required to determine if there is a technical issue.

Let’s say the analysis reveals that a site is having a hard time with loading times. In this case, you may want to amend the page size to help the page load faster.

3. Plagiarism

One of the most common issues with websites is plagiarism. It is an issue that can severely impact a site’s ranking. Fortunately, SEO audits can assist with locating plagiarised content.

Doing so is a must for all businesses since Google’s algorithm detects sites that copy content that has been published elsewhere. Detection of plagiarised content can result in a hit to a site’s ranking.

4. Keywords

Keywords play starring roles in SEO, so it’s not surprising that SEO audits also cover them. By conducting an SEO audit on your website, you can note the keywords that perform the best for your business.

This information can give you a better idea of conducting your marketing strategy in the next quarter. For example, your audit displays that the keyword ‘electric toothbrush’ performed the best; you now know to hit this keyword more.

5. Broken Links

Broken links are the web’s worst enemy. They can severely affect your website and your search engine ranking.

Luckily, fixing a broken link is a simple process. An SEO audit on your website will point out all such issues.


SEO audits are relatively simple and quick to conduct. At the same time, they have proven to be immensely valuable for businesses. After all, an SEO audit examines your website and tells you what you need to do to see positive results.

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