Facebook Remarketing – 2 Ways It Increases Your ROI

In today’s business landscape, one goal that most businesses share is the aspiration of raking in even more ROI on their marketing efforts. As opposed to the olden days where reach and engagement numbers solely defined success in digital marketing, businesses have instead turned towards maximising their return on investment. 

If you’ve been in the loop lately with your business’s digital marketing strategy, chances are that you’ve been paying closer attention to how much you’ve been getting from your ad budget. From top-notch SEO strategies to cold email sequences, the number of ways that you can maximise your returns is nearly endless. 

Out of all the different ways that you can maximise your ad spend, Facebook remarketing is one particular approach that can best help your business yield optimal results over time.

What is Facebook remarketing in the first place?

It is a type of digital marketing tactic that allows any page to advertise themselves again to those who previously visited their website or showed interest in their offerings. Through this system, millions of pages have been able to reap the full benefits of their targeting efforts and allocate their ad spend or budget far more effectively. 

When viewed from a general standpoint, the flow of this process can be best defined in this sequence: 

Customers visit a website -> They’re segmented in a pool to be targeted -> Custom ads are created to target them or capitalise on rekindled interest -> Custom ads are launched on the Facebook feeds of segmented users

By taking the time to segment the users that visit your website while creating custom ads to reach them, you’ll be able to conserve your budget on customers who will most likely purchase your product than those who won’t. 

How can Facebook remarketing help improve your ROI?

If you want to enhance your digital marketing efforts in a way that maximises the amount of effort that you’ve put into the strategy, here are two ways Facebook remarketing can help you:

1. It allows you to concentrate your efforts to receive higher conversion rates

What makes Facebook remarketing so effective is that it excludes the risk associated with first-time customers who are less likely to convert by limiting the entire scope a strategy follows. 

By only targeting users who have previously shown interest in your products or services, this strategy is guaranteed to yield more results as it focuses on a more profitable sector that’s easier to convert. Custom remarketing segments also work extremely well for driving higher conversion rates because they exclude users who have already completed a sale. These efforts result in fewer funds wasted on making ads for multiple targets.

2. It lowers your cost-per-click effectively

As opposed to other tools and search engine strategies that are available on the Internet, Facebook remarketing has the lowest cost-per-click. 

The lower CPC that this strategy has can be credited to the fact that Facebook traffic is supposedly less targeted than any other form of traffic, resulting in the lowest price points. Despite the lower targeted nature of the platform’s crowd, however, you’ll be able to generate more results than you would with a search engine ad when you partner it with quality content. 


Facebook remarketing easily proves to be one of the most effective tools you’ll have in your arsenal because of its unique functionality and system. By taking the time to set up an effective strategy, you’ll be able to see tremendous results on your digital marketing efforts and slingshot your business ahead of the competition in no time! 

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