4 Important SEO Tips and Best Practices for Dentists

When you run a dental clinic, it’s crucial to find new patients to keep your business going. And one of the best ways to attract new clients is through search engine optimisation (SEO).

Through SEO, you can make your website rank higher on search engines, allowing more people to discover it. While SEO can be complex at times, you can rely on these tips and best practices to help you out.

1. Improve Your Website Load Time

A slow-loading website may be the number one reason people close your pages before reading more. And this is bad for your SEO. Google has announced that page load time will be a ranking factor for mobile search results.

You can have a hard time with this because most dental websites have a lot of pictures, videos and other media that can slow down the load time of your site.

You may want to consider using a faster content delivery network. A CDN can also help you serve your website files more efficiently.

2. Make Sure Your Website Has a Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile traffic has now surpassed desktop traffic. And if your dental website doesn’t look good on mobile, there is a good chance potential clients will never see it.

You should also check to make sure your dental website is easy to use on mobile. You want it to be as simple as possible for people to fill out your contact form and make a dental appointment.

3. Add Local Business Listings

Local business listings can boost your SEO. That’s because the more local citations you have, the more it shows you are a local business.

In Google, it’s also a good idea to have a local business listing claim your Google My Business page.

Since most people only look at the first page of Google, you want to make sure your dental website is on that page.

4. Fix Broken Links

Did you know that broken links on your dental website may be hurting your SEO? Broken links make it look like your site is poorly maintained. And that can be bad for your dental website.

You can check for broken links by using an SEO tool. It will scan your website for broken links and let you know if it finds any.

You can also check for broken links manually by clicking every link on your site. If a clickable link doesn’t take you to where you expect it to, it’s broken.

For example, if you link to a page on your blog and the page doesn’t load, it’s a broken link. And once you discover which links are broken, it’s best to take action immediately to get them running again.

In Summary

The best way to get more new dental patients is to optimise the website you’re using to get new clients. You can take advantage of local business listings, mobile friendliness, and broken links. But don’t forget to speed up your website load time. This will increase your site’s usability and make it more appealing to both humans and search engines.

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